01 Dimensioning Instrument + Pencil

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01 is world’s first dimensioning instrument. Carved in aluminum, and contained within a pencil, 01 rolls to capture dimensions of any object, then logs, converts and shares the dimensions through your mobile phone.


Intuitively Dimension 

Dimension any object with a seamless one-hand roll, straight, curved or contoured. 

Carry Less

A dimensioning instrument and a pencil. So elegant, versatile and compact, you'll always carry it with you.

Connect and Share

Automatically log dimensions and access them from anywhere, convert units on demand and share on the go. 

For Home

Dimension space for furniture, put up pictures, set up grid for posters, or get length of material needed. Share Instantly. 

For Work

Quickly log H*W*D in mm, inches or just about anything else. Measure and log complex contours. Use scale to read drawings. 

For Fun

Check kids' height, attach pic and share on social media. Dimension your grandfather's mustache. Compete for the largest bicep.